The Goddess


It’s Time to Start Talking About the Goddess

Date and time – Tue,Sep 12, 2023 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT


No matter how far we think we have come with equal rights, women often still feel ‘less than’. It is a deep rooted theme we have felt throughout the ages.

Patriarchy is still alive and well in the traditions and actions we see in society.

Many religions are still a thriving patriarchy leaving women feeling deep down that they should be submissive and defer their authority to men.

As long as the highest authority in the land, ‘God’, is still referred to as male, we may never break this cycle of women feeling ‘less than’.

So we start at the top. If we regularly begin to speak of the Goddess or the Divine Feminine or pray to Divine Mother, perhaps we will start to empower the whole community of women to feel that the Goddess lives within them and they are representatives of her in their communities.

In this session we discuss these topics and why this is so challenging, and how our inner psyche feels uncomfortable using these terms. Our conditioning runs deep and it is time to break free and help women everywhere embrace their power and fully take their places in leadership in our societies.