Sharing The Journey – Making Conscious Choices

DATE/TIME: Second Tuesdays monthly @ 2:00 pm EST (CAN/US)


Cultivating an awareness of thoughts and choices for positive change

About this event

Let’s commit to ourselves by joining together.

Our automatic processes make 90-95% of our choices, unless we notice and decide whether or not we would like an update.


💜 A few moments for centreing

💜 Introduction of practical principles, from a variety of books and readings to facilitate choosing consciously in our daily lives

💜 Invitation for one person at a time to reflect on the principles and speak on how it might apply or not apply in their experience or perspective, with a focus on dynamics of process

💜 A few breaths

💜 Any additional self-observations to add or explore in the future

💜 Brief pause to rest with the self

Facilitated by Irene.

Hosted by AWAKENING SPIRITUALITY, an online community of seekers interested in personal development and spiritual exploration. The focus is on dialogue and guidance rather than dogma or restricted thinking.

ZOOM ONLINE: Attendees will receive a link to this session after selecting an RSVP ticket (as well as 48 hours prior, 2 hours prior, and 10 minutes before the event begins) for you to join the video conference on your phone, tablet, or PC from the comfort of your own space.