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“Are you looking for a way to connect with spirit that goes beyond the traditional concepts?  Are you desperate for authenticity in a world full of high tech demands and limitations?  What if I told you that the solution is developing a meditation routine, walking in nature, reading the spiritual journeys of others, or putting your hands in the garden? These are the conversations, the ideas, the concepts we will visit every month on Awakening Spirituality.” – Heather Mason Murray
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Seeking Your Path of Spirituality With Eyes Open

Seeking one’s spiritual path is somewhat of a misnomer. The intention is to encourage people to view their spiritual path as also being their Life path. We are being spiritual whenever we do simple things, like wishing someone a good day, giving people hugs and smiles, etc., so for the Awakening Spirituality, listener, we want to point out they are already living a spiritual life. As the individual awakens spiritually, it is natural to question, to experience shifts in thinking, in lifestyle and belief systems. We need to be careful to throw out the bathwater while keeping the baby.”

—Reverend Owen Ryan

Seeking Your Path of Spirituality With Eyes Open

by Reverend Owen Ryan from the Star of Hope Spiritualist Church | Awakening Spirituality

Energy and Spiritual Awakening experiences – March 1, 2021

We could all immerse ourselves in the beauty, freedom and joy of playing in the ocean of spiritual awareness if we only trusted the process and allowed ourselves to plunge in. There is way more to us than we are presently aware of. Be careful not to get caught in your present-day story of who you think you are. Remember that you can shift and change your energy patterns by changing the way you think about yourself. Never stop digging through the rubble of personality to release the beautiful soul that lives within you!

~ Tina Heathers

Energy and Spiritual Awakening Experiences

by Tina Heathers | Awakening Spirituality

The Spirituality of Food – February 1, 2021

A whole-food, plant-based lifestyle includes four interconnected elements: diet;

exercise and movement; spiritual practices such as yoga, tai chi, and meditation, among others in stress management; love and community. As we began a whole-food, plant-based diet, we evolved spirituality. It became a lifestyle for us. It affected our very core.  ~ Janet Poirier

We as a society have become so “comfortably unaware” of the impact our choices have made on ourselves and others. We need to ask: Are we thinking about how all of this is affecting the peace of our planet? How can this “comfortable unawareness” not be connected to our own spirituality?  ~ Jim Poirier

The Spirituality of Food

by Jim and Janet Poirier | Awakening Spirituality

Yoga Nidra and Tai Chi – January 1, 2021

Join us for our fourth podcast of Awakening Spirituality.
In the first half of this episode we talk with Vickie MacArthur who introduces us to Yoga Nidra.
Vickie invites our listeners to rebel against society’s mad and crazy lust for always doing “more”, and discover the power of Yoga Nidra’s deep rest for body and soul.    Vickie explained how The practice of Yoga Nidra is a cumulative practice that begins to slowly change our body’s physiology, and our brain chemistry.  Yoga Nidra helps activate the relaxation response and improve the functioning of your nervous system and endocrine system, which affects your hormones. Yoga Nidra helps cells regenerate and repair, and it helps to decrease anxiety and improve your mood. I would encourage you try this for yourselves and let us know what you think.

Yoga Nidra means “Yogic Sleep.” Yoga Nidra is a passive practice of lying-down meditation, where we are guided through different koshas or layers of awareness to discover that part of ourselves that is beyond our body, our personality, our thoughts, our worries, our limiting beliefs, so we can connect to the spacious peaceful feeling of our True Nature.           Vickie MacArthur
Vickie can be reached at: or visit the website: or join our facebook page:  Awakening Spirituality.

In the second half of our episode we speak with Johan Koeslag who introduces us to Tai Chi, where he explains the physical and spiritual benefits of Tai Chi and how it is a Path to awakening to our True Self or Being. Johan also explained how Tai Chi is an alchemical or transformational process to meld body and mind and encourage higher levels of awareness in which we can function in tandem with our Creator.

Tai Chi is a form of exercise, a foundational practice for the martial arts, a “moving meditation,” and a spiritual practice that works with the body’s “Chi” or intrinsic energy. Ultimately, Tai Chi (literally, the “supreme ultimate,” the balanced Yin-Yang energies in the body) is to achieve “immortality” or longevity and enlightenment.    ~ Johan Koeslag

Yoga Nidra; Tai Chi

by Vickie MacArthur; Johan Koeslag | Awakening Spirituality

Spirit Journaling and Ho’oponopono – December 1, 2020

In the first half of this episode we talk with Arlene Caldwell about connecting to spirit through prayer journaling.
Essentially, it is a written dialogue between the writer and the Divine. It is a process that allows you to actively listen to your own higher wisdom and to become a better version of yourself.  ~ Arlene Caldwell

In the second half of this episode we talk with Carol Marie Groen about the Hawaiian healing practice of Ho’oponopono.
This technique allows you to let go of dysfunctional thoughts and toxic energies. This in turn makes room for The Divine to enter in with a “Peace beyond all understanding.”  ~ Carol Marie Groen

Spirit Journaling; Ho'oponopono

by Arlene Caldwell; CarolMarie Groen | Awakening Spirituality

Drum Circles and Spirit Walks – November 1, 2020

In the first half of this episode we talk with Mary Jean Belrose who introduces us to community circle drumming.
We often feel separated and alone in this world. Drumming helps us to connect with one another on a whole different level. It opens us up to compassion and even sheds light on our inner self. The drum is simply a tool to help create peace, harmony, healing, unity and wholeness, not just to make music. ~ Mary Jean Belrose

In the second half of our episode we speak with Heather Oliver who shares how to connect to spirit through an intuitive nature walk.   To take the time, to go into nature “to be,” allows our mind to quieten enough to hear our own internal wisdom. There is no wrong or right way. It is all about learning more about yourself while experiencing a walk with nature.  ~ Heather Oliver

Community Circle Drumming; Intuitive Nature Walks

by Mary Jean Belrose; Heather Oliver | Awakening Spirituality

Spiritual Awareness and Documenting Your JourneyOctober 2020

Host Heather Mason Murray chats with Tina Heathers, founder of this new online community, Awakening Spirituality.  Spirituality is more commonplace now than ever before, and I want a place where people can share, explore and freely express their desire to search for and discover the Divine. ~ Tina Heathers

In the second half of this episode we speak with Susan Scott, an author and editor who encourages documenting journeys, which she calls spiritual life story writing.   Because at it’s heart, it is all about storytelling.  Lifestory work is transformational work that invites people to speak up, and speak their truth. The good news is that, for the first time in human history, we have the technology to help people from anywhere and everywhere record their stories, and release them to the world.  ~ Susan Scott

Spiritual Awareness; Documenting Your Journey • Sep 2020

by Tina Heathers; Susan Scott | Awakening Spirituality