This one-hour interactive workshop followed by discussion includes a private follow up session with Simone. It will help you become:

• Clear about your passion and purpose

• Free of the stress that has been interfering with your ideal life

• Energized, confident and focused

• Connected with your Infinite Intelligence for original ideas, inspiration and intuition

• A peak performer who easily finds the ‘Zone’

Imagine what it would feel like to create your most amazing life by simply focusing on six easy steps. Simone introduces Dynamic Visioning, a powerful coaching protocol for lighting the flame for personal transformation. Her science-based approach generates harmony and abundance beyond what most people can even imagine for themselves.

You will learn the key steps to manifesting a new reality that will pull you into your future with excitement and energy. Clients experience breathtaking results, feeling more confident and focused, and gain more clarity around their passion and purpose.

BIO: Simone Usselman-Tod gives every person she works with the gift of experiencing the possibilities that are available to them in each moment.

Emotional triggers, stress responses and unproductive habits can hold our ideal lives hostage. By applying her Dynamic Visioning six-step formula, clients learn how to ‘re’ program old patterns, habits and beliefs that no longer serve them. Simone’s clients create a vivid and compelling vision focused on generating outstanding results for themselves, their families, their businesses and their communities.

Simone enjoyed 30 years working in a conventional career as a medical radiation technologist during which she developed a practice in the field of holistic healing and natural wellness. She integrates the knowledge and wisdom of both aspects of her career into her practice as a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach and Business Coach helping her clients find the answers to the question “What else is possible for me?”

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