You have a story that’s powerful and personal. What would happen if you shared it?

These online coaching sessions will help you discover your own life stories—and why it’s worth the risk trying to share them with the world.   Whether your story is unsettling or inspiring, you can use it to gain insight, challenge stereotypes and bias, and to upend the confines of convention. Explore the possibilities of Spiritual Life Story Work with author and educator 

Susan Scott


Do you feel called to write? Are you wondering how to start?

Each Spiritual Life Writing webinar introduces you to authors who have felt like you.

Our 2021 guests to date include: Deborah Cardiff, Donna Costa, Lana Cullis, Gloria Fern, Liz Fryer, Meharoona Ghani, Tamara Jong, Jónína Kirton, Vickie MacArthur, Lindy Mechefske, Heather Mason Murray, Lori Sebastianutti, and Betsy Warland.

 Several of these are writers and poets interested in reviving the ancient art of spiritual memoir. You can find examples of their work in Body & Soul, a collection of candid first-person accounts that get people talking openly and frankly about lived experiences with spirit.

Like sexuality, spirituality is often seen as private. Is it any wonder then that something powerful happens when we find a language to express ourselves, and when we listen, really listen, to each other?

Do you have a story? We would love to hear it, and to support your speaking out.

For examples of life writing as an art form, as social justice outreach, and as healing ministry, visit my website

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about our “ancestors” webinar on crafting honest eulogies & obits

Until then, write your heart out

Susan Scott


Spiritual Life Story Writing

 NEW upcoming Sessions on the 3rd Wednesday of each month – 7pm to 8pm



Do you ever get the urge to write then falter when setting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard? Do you crave a little guidance to get you going with a new or stifled writing practice? Or, perhaps you’re curious about how exactly a writing group can help you voice experiences with Spirit.

Join Awakening Spirituality for two writing sessions that will nurture your writing practice in a welcoming communal setting.

We will focus on simple, yet highly activating writing exercises. These are experiential sessions, so be sure to come with paper and pen, or your favorite writing device.


September 15, 2021

“Land, Spirit, Story, Bone”

This experiential session with celebrated Red River Métis/Icelandic poet Jónína Kirton speaks to the profound link between our own life story, the stories we inherit, and the land that nurtures and sustains us. Jónína will share a writing exercise or two, to help us ground our own fragmented histories, so come with questions, yearnings, and with pen and paper or your favourite writing instrument.


Sessions are free, and open to all. You need not be an experienced writer to participate.


7 – Poet’s Corner

6 – The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: Balancing Ethics with Aesthetics

5 – Faulty Towers: Choose Your Building Blocks

4 – Spring Into Action: Yep, It’s Time to Make a Plan

3 – The Butcher, The Baker, The Troublemaker: Using Family History to Tell Your Story

2 – Pen, Paper, Vision, Dream: Opening to Mystery

1 – Spiritual Life Story Writing with Susan Scott