Spiritual Life Story Writing

You have a story that’s powerful and personal. What would happen if you shared it?

These online coaching sessions will help you discover your own life stories—and why it’s worth the risk trying to share them with the world.   Whether your story is unsettling or inspiring, you can use it to gain insight, challenge stereotypes and bias, and to upend the confines of convention. Explore the possibilities of Spiritual Life Story Work with author and educator 

Susan Scott

NEW upcoming Sessions Wednesdays 7pm to 8pm

January 20  “Pen, Paper, Vision, Dream: Opening to Mystery”

Winter is a time of introspection, of reflecting on those experiences you can never quite find the words for, or are hesitant to share. We’ll explore how to talk about the inner life in ways that are honest, real, and unsentimental—and that just might help others finally understand the real you.

Feb 17  “The Butcher, The Baker, The Troublemaker: Using Family History to Tell Your Story”

Do you feel a special bond with the dead? There’s a reason for that! Join us for this eye-opening session about the patterns coursing through the generations and how they colour our spiritual journeys in surprising ways. Feel free to bring your family tree, along with tales—or rumours—about the midwives, healers, preachers, artists & outlaws in your clan.

March 17  “Spring Into Action: Yep, It’s Time to Make a Plan”

Okay, so you’ve been thinking about how great it would be to finally get started on that book, or blog, or soulful email to a long lost friend. You are not alone. Make 2021 a year of action. We can help you organize your thoughts and find the supports you need. It’s time to release your inner writer and find your audience—even if that’s an audience of one.

April 21  “Faulty Towers: Choose Your Building Blocks”

Let’s face it: language around spirituality, faith, practice, ceremony, religion and tradition can range from dull to downright confusing. We’ll try to get on the same page by using these important terms in ways that are vivid, accurate and respectful, and that help you frame the spiritual journey in all its glorious complexities, past and present, then and now.  

4 – Spring Into Action: Yep, It’s Time to Make a Plan

3 – The Butcher, The Baker, The Troublemaker: Using Family History to Tell Your Story

2 – Pen, Paper, Vision, Dream: Opening to Mystery

1 – Spiritual Life Story Writing with Susan Scott