Spiritual Development

Spiritual development means something different to everyone and is a tremendously personal experience. The purpose of Awakening Spirituality is to offer support, guidance, and an opportunity to freely embrace and openly explore the many and varied styles of what can fall under the umbrella term of Spirituality. 

Our goal is to offer a safe, supportive, and non-judgemental space to get to know just what there is to learn. Opportunities will continue to grow and expand for all who come with an open heart and mind. Endless and new experiences will be added as ideas arise. 

The great thing about joining together with us is that you can learn something you possibly never knew before; you can grow beyond where you are now; you can freely embrace all that strongly resonates for you knowing no one is going to tell you you’re wrong; you’ll not only discover a new world of loving and empowering practices, but you’ll possibly come across some that don’t resonate with you, and that is ok too. 

It’s important that we all remember that this is a group of inclusivity and open acceptance. Just because someone else likes a particular style of Spirituality, and how they choose to live and share with the world, doesn’t mean you have to. The one thing we want to remember is each person is welcome to believe, and practice, in whatever way suits them. You may strongly dislike drumming but love meditation with singing bowls; you may feel tarot isn’t for you, but certain practices in dream interpretation are exactly what you’re looking for. We have something for everyone. 

Also, if you feel you want to spread the excitement, joy, and love, to make others ‘a-wear’ of your Awakening Spirituality journey, we have that too. At the moment we have a few t-shirts and hoodies to help support those who enjoy ‘wearing’ their messages. Together we wish to offer something to everyone – of all ages and stages in their Spiritual awareness and awakening. 

Everyone has their own style of experiencing and sharing their journey, so come along. Life changing, fulfilling experiences await.  

Join one of our ongoing Events. These are groups of people who want to journey together and explore their spirituality. Our goal is to meet on and ongoing basis to discuss and explore vast topics within spirituality and the search for our connection to the Divine.

These groups are free to join. Donations are always appreciated. With so many hidden costs that are involved in running such a group, any financial support is welcomed.

To discuss joining a group or donating to Awakening Spirituality please email maryjean@awakeningspirituality.ca