Seeker’s Circle 


We will meet the second Tuesday evening of each month.

  • 2nd Tuesday we will have a guest presenter
  • 20 to 30 minute presentation
  • followed by open Q&A with full group

Please feel free to make suggestions for topics that will be discussed. Bring all your questions. We love questions!! Check out the Awakening Spirituality website for scheduled topics.

Rules of Play

  • Openly share your thoughts and perspective
  • Accept that others will have different thoughts
  • Watch for your own internal resistance to ideas that are different than yours
  • Self reflect on how your mind prefers your own opinion
  • Practice listening without judgment of right or wrong
  • Have fun and help to create a supportive and accepting environment 

22 –Healing from Loss, Grief, Bereavement

21 – “Finding Your Magic Amidst ‘Perceived’ Chaos”

20 – Meditation Discussion

19 – Creating Safe Spaces with Sandi Boucher

18 – “The Divine Feminine”

Lorna Gale

17 – “Readings, Cleansings and Investigations”

Dauleah – specializes in working with guides, spirits and other-worldly entities

16 – Why We Seek Religion and Spirituality

What are we looking for, and are we finding it.

15 – Managing Post Lockdown Anxiety

Jasmine Chomski, MA, RP Registered Psychotherapist

14 – How to be Spiritual after Religious Trauma?

13 – “Mind Your Business”

Lorrel Elian

12 – Breathe

Sandra Woods

11 – Embodiment

Christine Ball

10 – Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work – Get Blissiplined

9 – Spirituality and Money

Tina Heathers

The Silence Within

8 – How has Covid/isolation affected your spiritual journey?

7 – Mediumship

6 – Beliefs and Their Impact

Christina Collandar

5 – Heaven and Hell

4 – Spiritual Freedom

Tina Heathers

The Silence Within

3 – Spiritual Healing

Tina Heathers

The Silence Within

2 – Your Own Energy Field

Tina Heathers

The Silence Within

1 – The Human Energy Field

Tina Heathers

The Silence Within