Alana Fairchild – Sacred Rebels Oracle – Each Rebel has a relatable story to share.  The layers of insight are here for you to celebrate and nurture your individuality.  Be A Sacred Rebel, Be Fully Alive, Express Your Authentic Truth.
Susan Sheppard – Black Moon Astrology –  Drawing on the ancient discipline of interpreting the night sky, these cards offer the tangible  wisdom of the heavens.  As a science and an art, astrology reveals the insight and knowledge that is written in the stars. Find out the influence on your life.


Fireside Chats Event

Oracle and Tarot cards are a tool that connect my strategic brain with my intuitive soul. They share messages, ignite a desire, guide your decisions or confirm your intuition.

Come explore Tarot and Oracle cards. I will choose a different deck from my collection each session. During this zoom session, we will play with the cards and share the magic that can be found by interpreting what comes to light. One lucky person will be spotlighted and receive a three-card reading.

It is a wonderful place to share your thoughts, develop your intuition and hang out with great people! As your host, I would be so honoured to have you connect with us.

To search out some of the other cards I use for readings, have a look at my card menu and book an in-depth reading for yourself.

Wisdom of the Oracle – 2nd & 4th Sun., @ 8 pm EDT (CAN/US)


Discover the Magic within You


I had spent four decades dedicated to various responsibilities and jobs, none of which was particularly fulfilling. I realized I was not living my dream life or living consciously. I was merely going through the motions and had lost what was once so important to me. Once I began to live purposefully, life became magical. My calling is connecting my strategic mind with my intuition. This allows me to interpret the secrets tarot and oracle cards will reveal for you. My eudaimonia, that which brings me joy, has always been the fascination with people’s stories, listening to others and brainstorming solutions to struggles.

Reading cards and using my intuition has been a hobby since I was a teenager. Even using an ordinary deck of playing cards, my friends and I would “see” what the future could look like for us. This lifelong interest grows every time I pick up a new deck.

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Anna Pilon Dream Agent

Anna Pilon

There is Magic Inside of You

ignite that burning desire

Design a path you will accomplish 

Make your dream life a reality

I have a gift for discovering the buried treasures that lie in each of us. Begin with a reading that will guide you onto the path that will ignite your biggest desires. We will develop a strategy for you to implement and live the life you deserve. 

 Are you ready to change your life?

start living your dream LIFE today