Science and Spirituality

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We have been conditioned to think and believe a certain way for generations. Now our world is changing so fast it is difficult to keep up. If we’re to survive and take an active part in the world, it is time to be more open to new ways of thinking and doing.

Science is leading the way while confirming our faith in a Creator. After studying the atom, the base of all matter, Max Planck, a physicist, stated that, “there is a force that keeps our universe in existence and behind this force is the existence of a conscious, intelligent mind.” Many call this God.

Science has also proven that thoughts affect matter and create change. People of faith have always known that the power of prayer thoughts. Science has also proven that we are surrounded by a field of electromagnetic energy waves and by tapping into it, we can do phenomenal things in our physical world.

Quantum science shakes up our belief world in a physical sense while supporting our spiritual beliefs, providing a pathway leading to what we would call miracles, an expanded form of reality.

Could we work with Spirit to use the electromagnetic waves of energy, our thoughts and our own inner field of energy to create a more healthy, peaceful world for ourselves and the world. Let’s explore the possibilities!

Guidelines for Discussion:

  • Openly share your thoughts and perspective
  • Accept that others will have different thoughts
  • Listen without judgment
  • Have fun and help to create a supportive and accepting environment