FACILITATOR: Johan Koeslag’s life has been a search for something—a meaning, a direction, a sanctuary, himself, a soul journey, peace—from the time he first questioned the status quo, through traditional church, family life, work, and now. Johan has studied and taught A Course in Miracles for years.

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Perfect Brilliant Stillness with Johan


Second & Fourth Mondays monthly @ 3 pm EST (CAN/US) except stat holidays


An online open discussion about the book by David Carse

About this event

An intimate account of spontaneous spiritual enlightenment and its implications in a life lived beyond the individual self, Perfect Brilliant Stillness is a guidebook for the more advanced spiritual seeker who is ready to go beyond popular ‘new age’ ideas to explore in depth the perennial wisdom of the non-dual tradition of Eastern spirituality. Perfect Brilliant Stillness offers an invitation to finally let go of the false sense of individual self and to go, completed, beyond.

“It is challenging, triggering, gives me goosebumps, and points to Being, What Is, the Understanding and much more. You will want to say, “I don’t ‘understand’ it at all.” and “I get it!” even though there is nothing to understand and no “I” to get it. It will be an encounter of the 3rd kind, the 5th dimension, the nth dimension, the infinite, the eternal, Oneness, …Perfect… Brilliant… Stillness…! This writing seems to go beyond the Course in Miracles in pointing closer than ever to Awakening; Understanding. ” – Johan Koeslag

Read this writing completely, then start again, and listen to the audio version, once, twice. Read and listen together, make notes of your thoughts, reactions, responses, those “I don’t get its”, follow up on the readings and books read and quoted by the author.

Then, let’s get together and share our understandings or no-understandings giving each other a different way of looking at things or thoughts that we didn’t think of before.

A PDF copy of the book can be accessed here.

Discussion Schedule:

Jan 10 – Part One Jan 24 – Part Two

Feb 14 – Part Two Feb 28 – Part Three

Mar 14 – Part Three Mar 28 – Part Four

Apr 11 – Part Four Apr 25 – Part Five

May 9 – Part Five May 23 – Stat holiday, no session

Jun 13 – Part Six Jun 27 – Part Six

Jul 11 – Part Seven Jul 25 – Part Seven

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Second & Fourth Mondays monthly @ 3 pm EST (CAN/US) except stat holidays