Awakening Spirituality Mentoring Program

What is the Spirit Within?

That which animates and inspires you. That which brings you joy. Your love centre, your truth centre, your Divine guidance system

Premise for the Awakening Spirituality Mentoring Program

Inside everyone is their direct connection to God/ Spirit/ Divine Guidance. Instead of always trying to rescue people, we hold the space for them to find the greatness within, knowing that the same spirit that resides within each one resides in all.
Through this program we learn to not direct people externally, but to help seekers find their own experience and guidance from within. We honor the truth that Divine Wisdom lives in all of us and the greatest freedom comes from living your own life and following personal direction from the spirit within.
We present perspective, but never assume a position of authority, knowing that the only true authority must be personally discovered from within each person’s individuality.

What Is Awakening Spirituality Mentoring Program?

It is the process of walking with someone through their Spiritual Awakening.

What is Spiritual Awakening?

Awakening to the Spirit within and living from that space. Personal Spiritual Awakening is about blossoming and discovering the magic and mystery of who you really are and following your inspired energy.

Why join our mentoring program?


1. To be supported on your own spiritual journey
2. In turn, support others on their journeys
3. To work with a group of like-minded souls all walking the same path

What is the process of the program?

Sign up

  • Sign up, by expressing interest in the program so we can get dates and times that work best for the people interested.


  • Be able to commit to the program’s first stage, meeting one day/night a week to share and develop your own spiritual path for three sessions (three weeks in total).


  • Participate in monthly gatherings to build community, strengthen your spirituality, and watch for openings to begin your journey to help others with their spiritual path.

Contact us for more information or to enroll

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