Awakening Spirituality


 “Our Roots”

Awakening Spirituality is a New Expressions, Community of Christ congregation dedicated to opening doors and building bridges within and between spiritual and religious communities.
We are an online alternative group, started by a dedicated group of women who value creative, inclusive approaches to spirituality and faith.
We promote a living, experiential Christ Mind that exists within each one of us. We accept diverse practices and studies as pathways to experiencing the divine, and we respect the right of all persons to find their own path.
We believe in ongoing experiences—that Spirit can guide each one of us, individually and collectively. We are dedicated to helping each other hear and discern the presence of Spirit, personally and in community.
We have faith in the truth that all are equal, and believe that creating inclusive, respectful, spiritual communities is the path to joy, hope, love and peace. We are united by our common longing to know fully our Source and are enriched by our diverse perspectives.