Tina Heathers – Original Founder Honorary Mention

Tina Heathers: Although Tina has moved on from Awakening Spirituality to explore new horizons, she remains available to us. We will always honour Tina as our reason for being here. Her hard work, forward thinking and beautiful energy are but a few of the very reasons we exist today. Thank you Tina. You are with us always in our hearts. <3

“Spirituality has always been a part of the life of this perpetual explorer. Tina loved growing up in a traditional Christian church until it was time to let go of church and develop her attraction to energy healing and meditation. With increased intuition and emotional sensitivity, she also discovered the great peace that comes with solitude and silence. Studying many different therapies and traveling great distances to attend courses and workshops have been defining parts of her life-long journey. Other topics that fascinate this certified meditation instructor, minister and reiki master include the powers of the mind, spiritual enlightenment, personal freedom, and mental and emotional imprinting. Tina loves to talk about inner peace, spiritual healing, meditation, the metaphysics of personal reality, card readings, A Course in Miracles, Goddess and the Divine feminine. At present, her world revolves around meditation and discovering the deeper and deeper layers of metaphysics and the nature of our personal reality.”

CarolMarie Groen


CarolMarie has been drawn to all things spiritual her entire life. Her earliest memories include loving experiences of being accompanied by Spirit. Many times the reassurance that loving figures surround her, and that love will lift her up, has seen her through the dark times and helped her find her footing. CarolMarie loves to talk about Reiki (she is a master and certified teacher); she has her Practitioner Certification for the Hawaiian healing technique, Ho’oponopono; copes with severe chronic Pain, and can help people learn how to thrive in the face of persistent or breakthrough pain. She freely shares her love of art, and can talk about drawing and painting for yourself, and others. CarolMarie is a pro at supporting and helping others learn self-acceptance when you feel you can’t cope with your pain, and when you feel you have nothing to give, or give back. CarolMarie says  and feels that all things ‘Spirituality’ – all things spiritual – is the reason for her existence. She feels so blessed to be part of this amazing group of women.

CarolMarie is also the designer of our website. 

Mary Belrose

Mary Jean facilitates weekly community drum circles for all ages — or she plans to do so again, once COVID restrictions are lifted. She has completed Level 2 training with Circles of Rhythm in Calgary, Alberta, where she was first introduced to drumming, and where she lived before moving back to her hometown in the Great Lakes basin. 

Mary Jean’s time in the West brought several shifts, including opening up to drumming as a path for healing change. She saw that the drum circle offered far more than just drumming to make music. People are drawn together in community, while spirits are lifted.  Participants learn about themselves, and the opportunity for transformation, and spiritual connection is opened. Our creative inner child is freed and burdens are lightened. 

Mary Jean lives in the beautiful lakeside town of Port Elgin, Ontario, where she enjoys gardening and is passionate about creating whole foods, plant-based meals.

Mary Jean would love to talk about:  All things drumming, and its possibilities for people of all abilities, and ages, to come together in harmonious exploration. Gardening. Healthy living, from what we eat to how we navigate the complexities of family and family stories spanning generations

Johan Koeslag


Johan’s life has been a search for something—a meaning, a direction, a sanctuary, himself, a soul journey, peace—from the time he first questioned the status quo, through traditional church, family life, work, and now. That search led him to A Course in Miracles (ACIM), and it has been a focus of his life for many years. Throughout this time, his mentors and students have been invaluable fellow travellers, because it is in sharing and teaching the course that its application comes to life. Johan’s gentle approach to discussing the principles and essentials of ACIM, as well as its concepts and meaning, empowers fellow seekers to look at things differently. Johan invites you to share in the Awakening to Awareness of True Being. Together, you will explore ACIM in all its ramifications and meaning.

Also, Tai Chi has been a continuous practice since 1995, in Johan’s life. It’s benefits are physical, meditational and spiritual. Join him to begin or continue on the path of Tai Chi. (The Moi set of One Hundred and Eight moves)

Visit our Podcasts, Webinars, and Workshops page to see the full list and dates of Johan’s workshops or click on “Learn More” below. (Watch for link updates soon).


Heather Oliver

Heather Oliver is a heart sensitive person who developed skills of perceiving creation to guide her. Heather listens within through meditation and observing nature. Her book, Stories from the Heart: The Ladybug Wish, brims with tales about messages from nature.

Healing With Nature’s Touch, Guelph, ON is Heather’s base. With over 23 years of massage therapy experience, she assists people with their healing and well-being. 

Curiosity about life led to learning about the spiritual/energetic world from wholistic therapies, metaphysical resources, and observing nature. Intuitive wisdom, spiritual ministry, sacred geometry, Peruvian shamanism, fire ceremonies with sacred drumming and grandparenting make Heather’s approach diverse and integrative. An Independent Reiki Master and Intuitive, Heather is also a practitioner in The Wonder Method, Professional B.E.S.T., and Axiatonal Alignment. 

Heather sees the present as rich with opportunities to integrate past learnings, to explore and share with those interested in their Intuitive Spiritual Path of Life. 

Susan Scott

Susan Scott started out as a rural-urban misfit—a dreamy farm kid growing up in the shadows of the great steel mills on the shore of Lake Ontario. Now she is at home teaching in communities and classrooms in Canada and the US. Susan’s leadership style is reminiscent of the teachers, preachers and pioneering settlers in her family history. A rich Humanities education informs her collaborations with fellow writers, artists, activists and scholars—ventures aimed at bridging deep divides, encouraging diversity, and facilitating healing across the generations. Susan loves to talk about lifestories and spiritual memoir, from writing, research, editing and publishing, to their vital role in education, culture and in social justice. In her latest book, Body & Soul, women writers and poets explore unorthodox approaches to the sacred. Watch for Susan writing in cafés, or breezing by on her bicycle—basket brimming with veggies and baguettes.