All are Welcome

About Awakening Spirituality

Come explore with us!  Ask questions.  Share your stories.  Be part of the movement. Experience the joy and freedom of acceptance and nonjudgment. Together we’ll discover and explore our relationships’ with the Divine (whatever that may be to you)!


Our Central Focus

Awakening Spirituality (AS) is an emerging community for seekers—people drawn to the spiritual quest. 

Some people are drawn to spiritual practices outside of religious norms and structures. We support people who are seeking life-fulfilling experiences that differ from conventional experiences. We support seekers who want a personal relationship with the Divine.

AS is a safe space to ask questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is the true nature of God, Goddess, Creator? Do we even need these titles? How can I develop my relationship with spirit?

AS is a safe space to explore practices, ancient and modern, and to develop healthy, creative approaches to spiritual growth. 

A spirit of acceptance, authenticity, inquiry, and inclusivity guides our activities. New ideas are welcome, and old ideas are viewed through a new lens. 

As an open, evolving group of seekers, we also enjoy a sense of fun.

Welcome! We’re excited that you’ve chosen to come with an open heart and mind to explore the infinite with us!