Awakening Meditation


Awakening Meditation

Second Thursday monthly, 7-8:30pm EDT

Facilitated By Vickie MacArthur,

You have been searching for Nirvana. You have been looking for God. You have been looking for enlightenment, for awakening….. It turns out that everything you have been looking for is already there in the present moment. And the secret of the finding is to go back to the now.”  

Thich Nhat Hanh, Inside the Now:  Meditations on Time

Become part of an inclusive, online practice community, exploring time-honored practices that connect us to a sense of resilience and inner wisdom during challenging times. While inspired by the Buddhist teachings of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, these simple practices of breath awareness, sitting meditation, walking meditation, and deep relaxation, are also universal practices that provide inspiration and stability to people of all faiths and spiritual traditions.  

Experience a vibrant community of practice to enliven and support your awakening, and strengthen your ability to sustain your practice through the challenges of daily life. These experiential sessions offer time to learn the practices, readings and poetry to inspire us, and space for sharing our experiences and insights. Through both our individual and collective awakening, we can bring much-needed insight and understanding to the complex issues that confront our world. Together, we can tap directly into the infinite intelligence and freedom of the awakened mind.

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