Beyond Awakening:  Meditation for Uncertain Times


DATE: Second Thursday monthly (Except first Thursday in May)


About this event

Meditation and the path of inquiry helps to interrupt the story of “me.” Even for a short period of our practice, our personal stories and suffering disappears, and goes “offline,” and we awaken to the simplicity of being. ~ Anne Douglas

Have you had an experience of “spiritual awakening,” but are not sure how to sustain this new level of awareness? Are you worried or anxious about the current state of the world? Now, more than ever, we need practices that can guide and sustain us during difficult times, as well as authentic spiritual communities to support us along the way.

Inspired by the Buddhist teachings of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, learn simple breath and body awareness, sitting and walking meditation, and deep relaxation.  These universal practices provide inspiration and stability to people of all faiths and spiritual traditions.

Experience a vibrant community of practice to enliven and support your awakening and strengthen your ability to sustain your practice through the challenges of daily life. These experiential sessions offer time to learn the practices, readings and poetry to inspire us, and space for sharing our experiences and insights. Through both our individual and collective awakening, we can bring much-needed insight and understanding to the complex issues that confront our world. Together, we can tap directly into the infinite intelligence and freedom of the awakened mind.

FACILITATED BY:  Vicki MacArthur

Meditation Theme – Welcome