Moving Sound for Peace

DATE: March 30, 2022


ZOOM ONLINE: From the comfort of your own space, once you register, click the link in your order notification email to join the video conference on your phone, tablet or PC.


Feeding our mind, heart, body, and spirit by connecting to breath, our voices, earth, water, fire and air elements and to each other

About this event

In these unsettling times we need pathways to peace, personally and globally. Singing and toning are the quickest way to find our hearts and our center. When we gather together, we create a field of peace to send where needed, and we receive the blessings as well. This practice deepens over time, and the joy and peace we feel extends outward. In this gathering we will: ~ awaken our breath and our awareness of its power ~ sing simple vowel sounds to greet our energy centers ~ tune into and sing with the resonant and healing Rav drum ~ join singer/songwriter JoAnne Spies (Giovanna) in singing songs of peace ~ sit quietly or move expressively to embody the purifying gifts of earth. water, fire, air and ether ~ create our own gratitude dance and kindness practice in community ~ strengthen our intuition and our imagination Each session ends with the opportunity to name a quality, a creature or being that comes to mind. The group holds that image for you, and joins in singing the sacred vowel sounds of your name. A Special Invitation: You are invited to email with names of politicians, both local and globally, to whom you would send peace. About the Facilitator, JoAnne Spies: One of her first experiences moving with the elements was bringing this Celtic blessing ‘Deep Peace’ as a call and response with hand movements to residents in the memory care units where she worked. She first heard this beautiful blessing in a yoga dance led by Jurian Hughes. Here is her beautiful rendering of “Deep Peace,” a Dance Prayer, music performed by Simon de Voil. Click for more information on **Moving Sound **sessions that are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am EDT.

Facilitated by JoAnne Spies JoAnne Spies is a singer songwriter and visual artist who collaborates with her audience in rhythm and sound explorations. Spies (rhymes with trees) has headed the Art Cart program at Community Access to the Arts in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts since 2001, bringing music, movement and poetry to six memory care and healthcare settings. Since April 2020 her Art Cart work has reached residents virtually. A graduate of the four-year Music for People musicianship and leadership program, JoAnne is a Remo Drum Health Rhythms facilitator and has studied with the Liz Lerman dancers in the MCC Elder Arts Initiative.



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